Daily Dose 7/24

This is kind of a different week for me.  I have been in Orlando since Monday.  Actually, still here.  It’s been a pretty strenuous week of meetings and very very very few hours of sleep.   Now that our convention is coming to an end, I just wanted to share some fun moments:

Packing for Florida means packing up all the Jack Rogers we own…right?  My roommate brought two pairs herself, so I did not feel weird at all Thank Goodness.

After a pretty rough and late flight, this was absolutely one of the best hospitality welcomes I have ever had.  Chilled champagne waiting for me and a basket of snacks.  Love me some snacks.

  Disney Parks have quite the wait at their restaurants.  That bar sure is enticing.  LOVE this drink I had.  Wish I had remembered the name, but after the week I had….. I don’t think I’ll ever remember.

Because I have yet to even lay out this entire summer, I got a spray tan before I left for Florida.  Unfortunately, due to a bad flight, few hours of sleep, and a less than comfortable bed, I used a Salonpas patch for the pain. And then I took it off….and my tan came with it.

When pharmacists convene…so do their supplies.

Have a great weekend! I am ready to go home!


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