Home Sick Art

Right now, I am traveling down to Orlando, FL for a pharmacy conference. Nerd Conventions, as I have so kindly referred to them during my school days. Going out of state strangely makes me homesick. Well, actually, that makes a pretty big deal of sense.   Nothing is weirder than when you go somewhere and Jeopardy comes on before Wheel of Fortune. Twilight Zone, I’m tellin’ ya.

I feel like homesickness comes in various forms. Of course right now, I am missing my dog, my boyfriend, and my bed, in no particular order. There are some days I yearn to be back in Richmond to hang out with my pharmacy phamily (yes my BF cringes when I do that) and have a few margaritas and snark at the dental students. Other days, I want to be hoopin and hollerin in Blacksburg at a tailgate or just having midnight Backstreet Boys karaoke (my people).

For a temporary fix, or to make matters even worse, I love any form of art that touches on Virginia Tech (aha, two paragraphs later, I make my point).   I have seen all these string-and-nail art boards on Pinterest ever since I started pinning.   I finally sat down and had some time to make a Virginia Tech-themed one. Mainly because my cousin heard me bitching about it and went out and bought some nails for me to make it. I literally had everything else, just no nails. That was stopping me. I am ridiculous.


I went online and found a boxy print of the state of Virginia. Virginia is one of those states with borders drawn by rivers and mountains and what not. This one was like a third-grader drew Virginia, so it was exactly what I was looking for.   I traced it onto the board ever so lightly.   Luckily, I was using a dark paint. If you are going lighter, I highly suggest tracing before painting.

I started out paining the board maroon. When one goes to Virginia Tech, one readily has maroon pain on hand for any sort of crafts that may come one’s way.


I painstakingly cut a heart out of a post-it note. I made it rather large because there are so many nails going around it that I didn’t want some weird over-threaded heart. Who knows.

It actually doesn’t look too shabby. I absolutely hate that Blacksburg was on the West Virginia border.  Because, well, West Virginia, and that the heart is kinda off-center and that I can’t really get any quality threading done to that border.


I nailed around the heart.  Hi, my name is Kathy and I don’t know how to rotate my pictures. Ever. Or take an iPhone photo in Landscape.  Please tell me how to adult.

I then nailed around the state. As you will see later, I ended up taking out every other nail unless it marked a corner or divet. It was just way too many nails for one leeeeeeeettle heart.

The fun begins: I take burnt orange thread (yes, burnt orange. No, not orange, but burnt orange) and start wrapping it around each nail. Instead of the mixed criss-cross abstract threading, I wanted to do a sunburst threading to show off the heart, and the Blacksburg love.   This was actually the easiest part of the whole project and make sure you wrap around each nail VERY tightly otherwise it starts to sag later and you end up with an orange cobweb of lies.

Things I would do differently: trace and nail before painting then spray-paint. As you can see, the metal nails kinda stick out like an eye-sore and I am not the biggest fan of that.

I really cannot believe I took so long to do this project.  It is quite easy.  Even for lazy people like me.  I guess the only and literal stall was actually getting the supplies to do it. Oh right, I guess I did have to get the board too, but it was not too expensive.  I think it was like $4 for the board, and the craft stores always have 40% off coupons, so really it was like $3 for this project for me.


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