WIW: Travel Wear

Another conference another comfy outfit.  I once traveled with a couple dudes who decided to wear suits on a plane (SUITS ON A PLANE! GET THESE SUITS OFF THE PLANE!) because they wanted to get bumped to first class.  Me? I was wearing leggings and a tshirt.  No shame in my plane game.

Well, I guess some things never change. I will always wear leggings and a tshirt on the plane.  Even first class can be uncomfortable…at least on the tiny planes that I fly on.  I don’t go anywhere fancy, so there is no real first class.  Joke’s on you.



Well, yes,  still use my Vera Bradley duffle bag.  It is spacious and the super soft quilted material is easy on my shoulders when I lug around my 80,000 pairs of shoes.  I used to wear flip flops to travel, but once time I was left standing barefoot on the airport floor while TSA searched my bag. No. And. Thank You.

No matter how you travel comfort is key.  Absolutely paramount.


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