Blog Breather

Well, it looks like I took another unplanned hiatus from my blog again. I know I wrote that in the last post I posted a few weeks ago. Among the stress of a new job and a product launch, as well as feeling uninspired, I just didn’t really have anything to share that was worth your time to read.

As my blog’s third birthday has come and gone, I feel the need to start anew. I am growing professionally (daily arguments of the correct treatment for chronic myeloid lymphomas) and maturing personally (time set aside each day to pay bills). I do need to spend some time enjoying the life around me, which I tend to share on my blog. As of late, I had no time for outside of work and responsibilities. It has also been disheartening to see blogs that have been around for only a year or so be thriving and doing so well with sponsored posts and high readership. I clearly do not have time for outfit posts and blogger conventions.

Recently my friend Natasha at The Lovely Lady dragged me out to a Blogger Scene event. It did get me just a little bit more inspired about blogging. Although most of the night was just me snarking, “what, I have a real career, I don’t have time for that!” Seeing that there are so many opportunities in niches in blogging breathed new life into this blog.   Maybe it was all the new blogging-support connections I made, or one-too-many glasses of Rose, but I feel refreshed. While I prepare for some new content, enjoy these pictures from the Blogger Scene event:

 The aftermath at work.  I am not young any longer.



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