Make Up Monday: 7/20

Well if you guys did not notice, I tend to go through waves of blogging.  Sometimes I am really into it, and I write and schedule a bunch of posts all at once.   Other days, I am just not in the mood to talk about what is going on in my life.  Meaning, there really is not that much going on in my life, so I just did not feel like I had to fill my blog with fake and pointless things.  But on to regularly scheduled programming…

The thing about using a lot of make up is that you have to clean your make up brushes.  Yes, I use a beauty blender, but I am not going to ruin my fancy eye shadows and blushes with a wet sponge, so I do still use make up brushes.  Cleaning them can be a total pain, since I feel like I never get everything out.  There is always residue and it drives me crazy.  I fell in love with the beauty blender solid, but it was really pricy, and I am OCD, so I prefer to keep it only for cleaning the beauty blender.

Recently, Sephora came out with a solid brush cleanser, so I knew I HAD TO HAVE IT.  It’s basically an answer to my prayers.  It also has a light pleasant scent that is refreshing when I apply my make up in the morning. OCD you say? IT COMES WITH A TEXTURED RUBBER PAD.  I can get some extra scrubby scrubbing into my make up cleaning routine.  HUGE FAN.


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