Daily Dose: 7/31

Y’all.  This was a tough week back at work.  Thankfully, my sister, co-wokers, BF, and dog made the transition much better.  Here are some happy snaps from the week:

I feel like I’ve been to Florida like a billion times this year.  Luckily that means I get to have a good Cuban sandwich and a cortadito every time.

As soon as I stepped off the plane, my sister said, “want to go to Sno Cram?” Yes, yes, a thousand times yes.
I have this irrational love for peeps.  My co-workers know this.  She gave me a peep that poops jelly beans.   This girl.  Always cuddled up in a pile of blankets.

Have a great weekend!   



Beautiful Lengths

In case you have not been following me on Instagram, I recently got a major hair cut.  Like I got bored and cut everything off.  


I did this twice before.  The first time, a friend needed a wig to be made for her sister.  My hair went directly to the making of a wig.  The second time, I was set on donating it to Lock of Love.  After reading so many scathing reports of LoL, I decided against it.  Not proud of it, but I still have that one tuff of hair waiting to be sent out, in addition to the one I just got now.

I decided, after many months of researching, to donate my hair to Pantene Beautiful Lengths.  It seems to be the least controversial organization and the hair actually goes to making wings for cancer patients.   As a health care provider, I have seen and treated many cancer patients, and my heart grows bigger every time I see them show off their new wig after a chemo treatment.

I basically farm my hair.  Let it grow a certain length, and then cut it all off again.  I don’t really mind it so much.  I don’t have the emotional attachment to my hair that other people seem to have, and you know what? Hair grows back.  Some people do not have that luxury.

WIW: Conference

Believe it or not, I am still recovering from my conference last week.  Going to one is already tiring, hosting one is absolutely exhausting.  The conference itself ran from Wednesday through Sunday, but I had to get there on Monday to meet with the hotel staff and plan awards and other behind-the-scenes tasks.

One of the other officers sent out a packing list, thank goodness, which made the packing so much easier.  We have three professional days, with casual kick-off and casual dinners.



In case you are wondering, yes, I did bring my entire collection of Jack Rogers.  Just kidding, I only brought four of them and left the other six at home.  The conference was at Disney, so I definitely had to wear my mouse ears on the opening kick off night!  I definitely aspired to be known as the “fun council member.”  Despite the useful packing list, I forgot how many casual days I had!  Yes, I re-wore shorts. Don’t hate.
business session


I like wearing dresses for professional events.  Not because I am trying to impress someone.  Because I don’t trust myself to match two pieces of clothing together to look professional. Also, with my weight gain, clothing kinda rides up funny and I end up with my gut sticking out or my back showing.  Not the time nor the place to be looking a hot mess in front of students.

Although I had fewer options to choose from on this trip, I at least got use out of everything in my suitcase! That meant instead of sorting through clothing when I got home, I just threw everything in the wash because everything got used.

Black Dog Project

I recently read an article about how Black Dogs do not get adopted as frequently as other dogs. Or that these darker dogs are perceived as scary or dangerous.  I was so sad to read this because my little princess is a black dog.  She’s the sweetest little pup (actually, a big dog who thinks she’s a puppy) and the worst thing that would happen is that she’d lick you to death. 

The blog, The Black Dogs Project, is behind this whole article.  There are stunning pictures of black dogs on black backgrounds.  It kinda softens them up a little bit and takes away their rough and tumble looks.

I just wanted to share some really cute pictures of my pup in her most vulnerable states.  Well, maybe not so vulnerable, but she has her moments of super cuteness.

She just likes to pass out where ever the heck she wants.  Whenever I turn around, I expect her to be following me and wagging her tail.  No, she is literally in the corner passed out.  Sometimes I think she feels my mood and how tired I am, and emanates it.  Literally, a spirit animal.

The looks I get from this diva is some of the funniest.  Sometimes I do really silly things and boy, does she let me know it!   Because if there is one thing my dog knows, she knows comfort.  I always find her just livin’ the good life with her head resting on pillows and piles of fluffy blankets.  It’s actually amusing when you see a pillow move from the couch to the floor and finding your dog passed out on the floor with her head resting on the pillow.

She knows when she’s with her human (me) and loves to cuddle.  Gosh, she loves to cuddle.  Nothing sends her bounding across the room like “Chloeeeee Cuuuuuuddllllleee”


There is some truth to the whole scary Black Dog thing.  Chloe here likes to keep watch when I am not touching her.  She’s a smart one. And The. Best. Dog. Ever.

Make Up Monday: 7/27

Contouring has definitely taken the make up world by storm.  Even though contouring is out and “strobing” is in, I still love a good bronzing and contour palette.  These palettes were hard to come by.  Even though I have the Smashbox palette, I am absolutely loving the NYX contour palette.  Not only are there EIGHT colors, I feel like it is a great dupe for both the Smashbox ‘Step By Step’ Contour Kit and the popular ANASTASIA BEVERLY HILLS Contour Kit.

I like the banana-colored powder for the under-eye area and the ashy brown below it is a perfect contour shade. The yellow neutralizes the purple-ness of bags under my eyes (they’re Prada, btw) and the ashy brown makes a perfect shadow shade.

I think my favorite part about this palette is that it is a drugstore product, even though you can basically only get it at Ulta or their website.  Speaking of Ulta, I used my points for it and it cost a whopping $6 (down from $25).  Y’all know I love a good steal!

Daily Dose 7/24

This is kind of a different week for me.  I have been in Orlando since Monday.  Actually, still here.  It’s been a pretty strenuous week of meetings and very very very few hours of sleep.   Now that our convention is coming to an end, I just wanted to share some fun moments:

Packing for Florida means packing up all the Jack Rogers we own…right?  My roommate brought two pairs herself, so I did not feel weird at all Thank Goodness.

After a pretty rough and late flight, this was absolutely one of the best hospitality welcomes I have ever had.  Chilled champagne waiting for me and a basket of snacks.  Love me some snacks.

  Disney Parks have quite the wait at their restaurants.  That bar sure is enticing.  LOVE this drink I had.  Wish I had remembered the name, but after the week I had….. I don’t think I’ll ever remember.

Because I have yet to even lay out this entire summer, I got a spray tan before I left for Florida.  Unfortunately, due to a bad flight, few hours of sleep, and a less than comfortable bed, I used a Salonpas patch for the pain. And then I took it off….and my tan came with it.

When pharmacists convene…so do their supplies.

Have a great weekend! I am ready to go home!

Home Sick Art

Right now, I am traveling down to Orlando, FL for a pharmacy conference. Nerd Conventions, as I have so kindly referred to them during my school days. Going out of state strangely makes me homesick. Well, actually, that makes a pretty big deal of sense.   Nothing is weirder than when you go somewhere and Jeopardy comes on before Wheel of Fortune. Twilight Zone, I’m tellin’ ya.

I feel like homesickness comes in various forms. Of course right now, I am missing my dog, my boyfriend, and my bed, in no particular order. There are some days I yearn to be back in Richmond to hang out with my pharmacy phamily (yes my BF cringes when I do that) and have a few margaritas and snark at the dental students. Other days, I want to be hoopin and hollerin in Blacksburg at a tailgate or just having midnight Backstreet Boys karaoke (my people).

For a temporary fix, or to make matters even worse, I love any form of art that touches on Virginia Tech (aha, two paragraphs later, I make my point).   I have seen all these string-and-nail art boards on Pinterest ever since I started pinning.   I finally sat down and had some time to make a Virginia Tech-themed one. Mainly because my cousin heard me bitching about it and went out and bought some nails for me to make it. I literally had everything else, just no nails. That was stopping me. I am ridiculous.


I went online and found a boxy print of the state of Virginia. Virginia is one of those states with borders drawn by rivers and mountains and what not. This one was like a third-grader drew Virginia, so it was exactly what I was looking for.   I traced it onto the board ever so lightly.   Luckily, I was using a dark paint. If you are going lighter, I highly suggest tracing before painting.

I started out paining the board maroon. When one goes to Virginia Tech, one readily has maroon pain on hand for any sort of crafts that may come one’s way.


I painstakingly cut a heart out of a post-it note. I made it rather large because there are so many nails going around it that I didn’t want some weird over-threaded heart. Who knows.

It actually doesn’t look too shabby. I absolutely hate that Blacksburg was on the West Virginia border.  Because, well, West Virginia, and that the heart is kinda off-center and that I can’t really get any quality threading done to that border.


I nailed around the heart.  Hi, my name is Kathy and I don’t know how to rotate my pictures. Ever. Or take an iPhone photo in Landscape.  Please tell me how to adult.

I then nailed around the state. As you will see later, I ended up taking out every other nail unless it marked a corner or divet. It was just way too many nails for one leeeeeeeettle heart.

The fun begins: I take burnt orange thread (yes, burnt orange. No, not orange, but burnt orange) and start wrapping it around each nail. Instead of the mixed criss-cross abstract threading, I wanted to do a sunburst threading to show off the heart, and the Blacksburg love.   This was actually the easiest part of the whole project and make sure you wrap around each nail VERY tightly otherwise it starts to sag later and you end up with an orange cobweb of lies.

Things I would do differently: trace and nail before painting then spray-paint. As you can see, the metal nails kinda stick out like an eye-sore and I am not the biggest fan of that.

I really cannot believe I took so long to do this project.  It is quite easy.  Even for lazy people like me.  I guess the only and literal stall was actually getting the supplies to do it. Oh right, I guess I did have to get the board too, but it was not too expensive.  I think it was like $4 for the board, and the craft stores always have 40% off coupons, so really it was like $3 for this project for me.

WIW: Travel Wear

Another conference another comfy outfit.  I once traveled with a couple dudes who decided to wear suits on a plane (SUITS ON A PLANE! GET THESE SUITS OFF THE PLANE!) because they wanted to get bumped to first class.  Me? I was wearing leggings and a tshirt.  No shame in my plane game.

Well, I guess some things never change. I will always wear leggings and a tshirt on the plane.  Even first class can be uncomfortable…at least on the tiny planes that I fly on.  I don’t go anywhere fancy, so there is no real first class.  Joke’s on you.



Well, yes,  still use my Vera Bradley duffle bag.  It is spacious and the super soft quilted material is easy on my shoulders when I lug around my 80,000 pairs of shoes.  I used to wear flip flops to travel, but once time I was left standing barefoot on the airport floor while TSA searched my bag. No. And. Thank You.

No matter how you travel comfort is key.  Absolutely paramount.

Blog Breather

Well, it looks like I took another unplanned hiatus from my blog again. I know I wrote that in the last post I posted a few weeks ago. Among the stress of a new job and a product launch, as well as feeling uninspired, I just didn’t really have anything to share that was worth your time to read.

As my blog’s third birthday has come and gone, I feel the need to start anew. I am growing professionally (daily arguments of the correct treatment for chronic myeloid lymphomas) and maturing personally (time set aside each day to pay bills). I do need to spend some time enjoying the life around me, which I tend to share on my blog. As of late, I had no time for outside of work and responsibilities. It has also been disheartening to see blogs that have been around for only a year or so be thriving and doing so well with sponsored posts and high readership. I clearly do not have time for outfit posts and blogger conventions.

Recently my friend Natasha at The Lovely Lady dragged me out to a Blogger Scene event. It did get me just a little bit more inspired about blogging. Although most of the night was just me snarking, “what, I have a real career, I don’t have time for that!” Seeing that there are so many opportunities in niches in blogging breathed new life into this blog.   Maybe it was all the new blogging-support connections I made, or one-too-many glasses of Rose, but I feel refreshed. While I prepare for some new content, enjoy these pictures from the Blogger Scene event:

 The aftermath at work.  I am not young any longer.


Make Up Monday: 7/20

Well if you guys did not notice, I tend to go through waves of blogging.  Sometimes I am really into it, and I write and schedule a bunch of posts all at once.   Other days, I am just not in the mood to talk about what is going on in my life.  Meaning, there really is not that much going on in my life, so I just did not feel like I had to fill my blog with fake and pointless things.  But on to regularly scheduled programming…

The thing about using a lot of make up is that you have to clean your make up brushes.  Yes, I use a beauty blender, but I am not going to ruin my fancy eye shadows and blushes with a wet sponge, so I do still use make up brushes.  Cleaning them can be a total pain, since I feel like I never get everything out.  There is always residue and it drives me crazy.  I fell in love with the beauty blender solid, but it was really pricy, and I am OCD, so I prefer to keep it only for cleaning the beauty blender.

Recently, Sephora came out with a solid brush cleanser, so I knew I HAD TO HAVE IT.  It’s basically an answer to my prayers.  It also has a light pleasant scent that is refreshing when I apply my make up in the morning. OCD you say? IT COMES WITH A TEXTURED RUBBER PAD.  I can get some extra scrubby scrubbing into my make up cleaning routine.  HUGE FAN.