Make Up Monday: 5/18

I am loving a few of my favorites from when I had the Sephora VIB sale a few months ago.  One of the things I was super excited to get during the sale is the Sephora Kiss Me Balm in Soda Pop.  Emily Noel on YouTube’s Beauty Broadcast raved about it, and for good reason!  It is built like an EOS balm and has the slightest tint of color.  It looks pretty dark, but it actually is a nice pinky tint.

THE BEST PART is that it is called soda pop for a reason–it smells just like a Dr. Pepper!! It is basically the grown up version of the Bonne Bell Lip Smacker Lip Gloss, Dr Pepper.

I love the way this looks on my lips!  It is a little bit more adventurous than usual, but in a good way.  It’s not too outrageous, so obviously it’s a step in the bolder direction.

This is probably much better as a late summer to fall color, but when I want to go lighter with the eyes, this is a good darker lip to balance out the rest of my face.


Yes, I love to sniff my lip products.  It really does smell like some good ole Dr. Pepper!


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