School Supply Re-Do

I know you’ve seen them.  those fancy gold school supplies lurking in the aisles of Target from the Nate Berkus Collection. But really, who has $20 to spend on a pair of scissors.  Not I, said the grad student in six figures of student loan debt….

So, what is a college grad to do, with a whole bunch of school supplies she amassed over 10 years and a bottle of gold spray paint that she used to re-furb a bunch of other stuff for her cubicle? Oh yea, spray paint my existing office supplies gold…duh.  And unlike other bloggers, I did not buy super fancy things to destroy.  These have literally been sitting around since I have been in high school.


These push pins have TOTALLY been around forever, and yet I can’t seem to get rid of them.  Until now.  The scissors however, I accidentally took with me from my old cubicle at my old job.  No one noticed though, so I’m just gonna go with it.


Since I have an aversion both to the outdoors and staining carpet and furniture, I used a small cardboard box and sprayed everything inside of it.  I pushed a few pins into the cardboard to keep them upright and covered the metal part of the scissors in duct tape, because I did not have painter’s tape, though I swore up and down that I did.


Whatever I did, it got the job done.  I wish I had actual painters tape, because some paint did seep in below the seams and I got a ton of sticky duct tape residue on the blade– not exactly ideal for scissors.



A few dollars later, I ended up with some pretty good dupes for the Nate Berkus line of office supplies.  It may not have the reflective metal shine of the actual line, but it’s shiny and it’s gold and it goes well with my current office decor!


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