WIW: Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day always ends up being really stressful for me.  Besides the fact that I have always struggled to please my mother (#mommyissues, is that a thing?), I have a whole slew of women who helped raised me.  It literally took a village to raise me.  From running around town to buy flowers and then deliver them, and then eating here, and eating there, then taking my real mom out to dinner, I had to dress for comfort and the weather.  IT WAS SO HOT ON SUNDAY! mothersday

I finally got to wear my Lilly for Target shift dress.  The material is obviously thinner than standard Lilly, but it was still durable and breathable.  I threw on my favorite pair of Jack Rogers Women’s Glitter Navajo and slung a cross-body bag on.  I definitely needed both hands with the flower deliveries, and I did not want to be weighed down by the heavy straps of a Longchamp.

I also was having some eye problems, soooo glasses it was….


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