Gym Time Savers

Going to the gym in the morning is kind of a challenge when you think about the fact that you have to go to work shortly thereafter.  In my case, I have trouble getting to the gym on time in order to get a decent work out in and still get ready for work in time.  To maximize my workout, I love the little short cuts I can take in order to get ready.


1) Daily facial cloths are quick one-step ways to wash both your face and your body without having to lug around two products and a loofah into the shower stall.

2) L’Oreal Paris Studio Secrets Professional The One Sweep Eye Shadow are definitely the biggest time savers when you want a nice blended look without any of the effort.

3) ELF Lotion wipes also cut down on the number of bottles you have to bring with you, as well as the time it takes to make sure you get lotion in all your nooks and crannies.


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