Make Up Monday: 5/11

Sometimes the best finds come from little accidents.  When I went on my Ole Miss trip, I literally forgot everything at home.  By everything, I mean my liquids bag, and by my liquids bag, I mean my foundation and concealer.  Last week, I highlighted my foundation that I discovered because I had to buy one down in Mississippi on a whim.  At the same time, I also had to buy some concealer to cover up the serious bags under my eyes from dealing with the delays at the airports.  No thanks.

Once again, I turn to YouTube for all the rage in drug store make up to help me guide my ways.  The Maybelline Master glaze is something highly touted online.  So much so that they didn’t have any in my shade so I still bought one that was too light for me anyways.

Once again, that turned out to be a happy accident, as I could use it as an under-eye concealer as well as a highlight.  It covers so well and comes at an inexpensive drug store price!


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