Purse Organizer

All my Longchamp girls can relate to me.  While chic and sophisticated, a big tote bag can be the biggest hassle in the entire world.  It is an abyss of my entire life.  I can never find anything I need in there.  It’s even worse when I go from one huge tote bag to another.  I can never seem to find anything I need and I have to spend a good chunk of my time digging everything out of my Longchamp to put in the other tote, and then again back to the Longchamp when I have to go to work the next day.  Then, I saw the best thing in the entire world.

YAS A purse organizer.  I love this style particularly because there are POCKETS where I can put my CELL PHONE. I hate losing my phone in the dark doom of the bottom of my bag.  Of course I am a hoarder and I carry a ton of other stuff with me at all time, like my medications and my planners. 


Voila, everything fits very neatly and nicely and it is all in one place.  There are these tiny little handles with which you can grab and just move onto the next purse. It’s pretty much the best.



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