Sunday Smiles 5/3

It’s been quite the week in the news. From Baltimore being on fire to the birth of the Princess of Cambridge, I wanted to share some underrated things floating around the internet lately.

1. Fire Tornado with a fire put and a few fans.  For the love of God, do not do this at home.

2. This Dermatologist in California pops zits for people and puts them on YouTube.  Absolutely addicting.

3. Cecily Strong delivered the comedy at the White House Correspondence Dinner last weekend.  I always find these to be very entertaining.

4. James Oliver updates his stance on Dr. Oz, and not in this “talk show personality”s favor.  Yea, I don’t consider Dr. Oz to be a real doctor anymore, so you understand why I love this video:

5. Prince George arrives at hospital (apparently the British do not use “the”) to see his new baby sister!

Did I miss anything?


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