Daily Dose: 5/1

HAY GUYS! It’s been a while since I have done a Daily Dose since I have been feeling pretty uninspired lately.  I am still trying to find a niche for my blog.  I just want to share my life with y’all and finding a niche means I have to focus just a small part of my life and DO more in that realm than any other.  That’s when it becomes work, and not fun.  In the mean time, I had a relatively good week!



FINALLY got to try Sno Cream! Follow them on Twitter to find out where they are next! This one that I got was a Taro Sno with fresh lychee and green tea mochi.



Went just a little HAM at the bargain section at Barnes and Nobles. Not even sorry about it. I have been looking for adult coloring books for almost year now!



The. best. shirt. ever. Even the guy at the gym complimented me on it!



How Old website is a little scary accurate.



I need this Essie Vending machine in my house. Except free.

Have a great weekend!


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