WIW: Tourist Season

Oh DC, with your majestic monuments and your fragrant Cherry Blossoms, singing the siren song of tourists.  YUP. It’s tourist season and it’s starting to get a little cray up in the district.  As a seasoned townie, I like to dress little smarter when I have to tote my out-of-town friends.


Dress casually and wear comfy shoes.  If you are just going to be walking around a short perimeter, I would go with some comfy sandals like Rainbows (DONT wear Jack Rogers, learned the hard way a few years ago). If you are walking from Smithsonian Metro to the Tidal Basin to see the Cherry Blossoms, you may need something more like sneakers and compression socks (no, but really).

If you are just meeting up with some people and plan on having a meal later, I would definitely recommend packing light and putting it all in a cross-body bag (NOT A FANNY PACK). Once again, another lesson learned when I packed up a full and heavy Longchamp and my shoulders were DYING by the time we were done.  And of course, sunnies.  Not just for the sun, but for my judging eyes towards some of these ridiculous tourists.


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