Lilly for Target Haul

It was the moment that almost broke a nation.  It was a sale that almost destroyed families and friendships. The internet literally broke.  Yes, I am talking about Lilly Pulitzer for Target. I stayed up until 4am to try to shop online.  I ended up with something I didn’t really love.  I woke up at 6 to wait in line. Craziness I tell ya!



I woke up pretty late to get in line actually. I was probably the 20th person in line and was afraid I would not get anything.  The store I go to is not exactly in a primo Lilly neighborhood, thank goodness.  Everyone was very polite and there was plenty of stuff left for me.  I managed to get some great stuff, even though I didn’t get my holy grail product.


I got…. 1 maxi dress (wearing it right now, so comfortable), 2 shift dresses, a weekender bag, a hair turban thing, a scarf/sarong/magic piece of fabric, two nail files, and a thing of hair ties.

I think that’s pretty successful for a bunch of crazy women looking for some deeply discounted colorful prints.


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