Gymstagram Wrap Up

I finally did it! I worked out 100 days in a row! Ok so confession time: I initially started out wanted to go to the gym 100 days in a row.  After some weather issues and some business travel plans, I realized that is not 100% realistic.  What this challenge taught me is that there is always a way to work out even if you don’t have the proper equipment.

I also wanted to point out that my goal was not weight loss, but it was about developing good habits and developing a good routine.  While weight loss and fitting better into my dress pants was a plus, that was not my ultimate goal.  The worst part of the challenge was my mom asking me how much weight I’ve lost every day. Realistically, if I had lost any weight at all during the challenge, the most weight I could have lost and kept off is about 5 lbs.  She was expecting a 20lb weight loss.  That is, in no way, realistic.

Screen Shot 2015-05-02 at 9.44.24 AMHere are some lessons I learned:

1) Someone is always working harder than you with more hardships than you: when I went to go workout in the middle of the snow storm, plenty of other people were at the gym.  I see much older people huffing it away on a treadmill, and I see people on the beginning of their weight loss journey putting in more work than I ever did.

2) Pick out your jam: Taylor Swift’s “Welcome to New York” was the ultimate jolt in my work out routine.  Just the beat and the song itself put me in a better mood to work out and go fast.  I burn my first 100 calories with Tay.

3) There is always a way to work out: Learning from my Crossfit days, crunches, push-ups, and squats will never do you wrong when you don’t have heavy machinery around.  I also love that my favorite workout videos are now on YouTube. Cassey Ho’s Blogilates is basically the best!

4) Accountability is the best motivator:  I always thought I could self-motivate, but that really only gets me half way there.  I felt the need to work out everyday because I know someone somewhere out there was keeping tabs and was ready to call me out publicly if I skipped a day. Like my sister.

I hope this inspires you to have your own 100-day challenge.  It doesn’t have to be exercising, but if it’s a good habit you want to develop, GO FOR IT!



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