My Cubicle

Well this post is like literally 7 months late.  Back in August, I quit my retail pharmacy job to do medication therapy management.  The dragging days of retail just completely ruined my life.  I was noticeably depressed and had a general disdain for the public.  That is not the way I wanted to live the rest of my life.

One of the exciting things of my job was that I got to have a desk. AND A CUBICLE! I spent quite some time decorating my cubicle, as it was my work home.  Long story short, I ended up leaving about 6 months later for a job in medical information. BUT, I got to captor the final bits of my cubicle before I left and packed up my nicely decorated cubicle. 20150425-112351.jpg


I felt judging eyes every time someone walked past and saw my pom pom garland.



My organized chaos



I wanted to cover THE WHOLE cubicle in this wrapping paper. I figured to limit the crazy, the inside of my closet was good enough.

Now onto make a similar mark at my new desk at work….


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