Make Up Monday: 4/13

Holla, welcome back to my little space on the internet! Well, I’ve been having some busy times over in professional Kathy-land.  I recently started a new job, keeping up with my 100 days at the gym, and JUST came home from Oxford, Mississippi. PHEW!

I will try my best to return to regularly-scheduled programming, starting with my favorite segment on this blog.  Make Up Monday is super fun for me because I get to talk about all the different cosmetics I have been buying.  Also, it justifies my outrageous purchases. A real game-changer in my morning routine has been the Maybelline Instant Rewind Concealer.

If you choose the right shade, it’s so easy to hide those under-eye circles.  The sponge tip allows you to lightly press on the right amount of concealer.  PRO TIP: don’t twist until you see product, not worth it.  Just press it against your skin and some will come out.  Less is more, peeps!

This little gem has been floating around the blogosphere and youtube for quite some time. I, however, have had a multitude of concealers to go through before I could open this one. Remember, I don’t like opening a new product unless all of an open product is used up. Because 1) I am insane and 2) bacteria growth if you let something sit around open for too long.


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