My Life Lately

OH HAY GUYS. Remember that time I had a blog? Well, I let a lot of life take over and get in order before I contributed more time to blogging.  I got a new job, more of which I hope to share a little later. My boyfriend brought his dog up from his mom’s house so I have been playing mommy to a sweet, but old, fur baby.  I had a lot of other commitments with some professional organizations I am involved with.  I am currently sitting in Oxford, Mississippi after visiting the pharmacy school here at Ole Miss.  I have a lot of free time to myself and no TV, so I get to catch up on all the work I have been trying to do.

I hope you all continue to read, as I hope to return to regularly scheduled programming next week! Just in time for spring! I admit I have had a little bit of seasonal affective disorder (aptly abbreviated to SAD), so I have just felt very uninspired with gloomy snow days. Now that the cherry blossoms are in bloom and I’m wearing more colorful things to work, I hope to get this ball rolling again!


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