DIY Agenda

I like to think I am a lot of crazy. Not a little, a LOT. I am very neurotic about a few things.  Nothing confuses me more than a 17-month Agenda. You know, one that starts in August and ends in December of the FOLLOWING YEAR. And when they sell more agendas, it’s in the same pattern. Like you think you’re getting a great deal, but then you end up with FIVE MONTHS OF NOTHING. I really really do not understand.

Second thing I do not get about agendas is how they can get SO EXPENSIVE. The Kate Spade one is $50. The Lilly planner is $40 (38…whatever). The one I got last year from Paper Source was $30. I thought I was absolutely crazy for getting it at all.

During my search for a new planner during my odd 5-month limbo, I was on my spending freeze, so I really did not want to get anything super expensive, but something that was suitable to my needs. Like why would I pay for something that isn’t even suitable for my needs?? Nothing. So what did I do? MADE MY OWN!



Yea, I made my own agenda because I am too cheap to shell out money for a pretty little planner, and too aggravated with the existing options. AND I did it with just a Word document and about 104 sheets of paper.

The template that I went by was very similar to the format of my Paper Source planner. Like I said, I loved it but it was not worth shelling out $30 every year. With the following easy steps, I made the planner with everything I needed.

With a series of grids and grids within grids, a pretty little border, and some labeling of months and dates, I was able to get a planner I found easy to use. Please let me know if want specific details to get the look of this planner!

Moral of the story: don’t pay for anything you don’t want. If nothing is out there, do it yourself!


Make Up Monday: 3/2

Sometimes you just gotta be on point with something. Eyebrows. Always.  As of late, my eyebrow game has been lacking. I cannot give any advice to anyone because…

I was introduced to Anastasia a while back with a wooden pencil and clear brow gel way back when, but I am a bigger fan of the Brow Wiz that I just picked up

I have the Brow Wiz in Medium Ash and it is a perfect color for my brows. I love that there is such a wide selection of colors for this line.  The twist-up pencil kind of allows me to apply light pressure and the spoolie lets me blend it all in. The result is absolute perfection.

I am dying to try the wax, but I’m super scared I’m gonna end up with some Frida eyebrows. No. Thank. You.