Monogram of the Month: February

Oh February, another reminder that time is going by fast, and that all retail stores are banking on Valentine’s Day themed stuff. I told my boyfriend years ago that I didn’t need any of that. I’d rather have him wait a day or two to buy me some discounted Valentine’s candy. Chocolate roses and gummy hearts are the way to mine.

In honor of the most popular engagement day of the year (although Christmas and Christmas Eve are not far behind), this month’s monogram is an adorable ring dish. No, I am not engaged. Yes, this is my ring. No, it’s not real. Yes, I wear it around like an engagement ring when I don’t want to be bothered. It’s hard being a pimp.


During my Black Friday binge on GroopDealz, I snagged this petit ring dish and it is beyond adorable. The vendor is Be Blessed Creations and everything in their etsy shop is super cute!  I love to pick up things for my newly-engaged friends with their soon-to-be monogram, and I think this is so much better than a bath towel!


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