WIW: Super Bowl

So, my team lost. My team lost on a pretty bad play. My team lost and then started a fight with a guy you definitely don’t want to fight with. OH WELL I got to have a little Super Bowl fun with some yummy eats and my boyfriend.


With the Virginia Tech connection with Kam Chancellor, not only was I totally for the Seahawks, I totes had to get Kam’s jersey as well!  I like watching big games with people who want the same team to win. I can get very competitive, so it’s not good for me to be watching games with the enemy. Of course, half way through, I realize my boyfriend wanted the Patriots to win. He basically wishes he could have a bro-mance with Tom Brady.

When there is any event and there is food involved, I DO NOT wear jeans. Yoga pants and stretchy leggings all the way. It was totally a good call, unlike the last play of the Seahawks offense. Did you see what I did there? Whatever, go hawks.


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