What’s in my Gym Bag?

Today marks day 25 of my 100-day challenge! A quarter of the way through, I do feel a lot better about myself. I am not sluggish in the morning and my clothes fit just a tad better. I am not looking to lose weight, but I am just looking to establish a daily routine where I put my health first.

I had originally planned this post without thinking which day of the challenge it fell on, but I felt it important to share the milestone. I wanted to share what I pack in my gym bag (and why I needed to bring an actual gym bag).


1) Toiletries bag (full of my little samples)

2)Icy hot rub (things hurt…)

3) Make up bag

4) Headphones (can’t just jam to Tay without headphones. Also, I like watching the Today Show)

5) Shampoo (used up all my shampoo/conditioner samples by the time I took this picture)

6) Supplements (yeah I’m one of those)

7) Shower shoes (because…public showers)

Not pictured: bath towel, work clothes, water bottle

Everything seems a little excessive, but there is not one thing in the bag that I do not use. the inclusion of my work clothes basically necessitates the use of a big bag. Yup, my old cheerleading bag from high school. Don’t worry, that side is turned in when I walk into the gym.


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