WIW: Winter Work Wear

Don’t make fun of me. I wear Uggs to work. Sorry, but when it’s like 20 degrees out, and your office is not much warmer than that, a girl has got to find out some ways to keep warm. I mean I don’t see clients and I don’t really get up from my desk that often. I DO WHAT I WANT.


Ok, so I cheat. I normally wear wide-leg dress pants so that they fit OVER my Uggs. Lord fire me on the spot the day I wear Uggs with my dress pants tucked in them. I pair it with a patterned button-up blouse and a cable-knit sweater for warmth. The key is not to let anyone notice that you are wearing Uggs. Also, dress in layers. My office is always super cold, so the layers are for insulation, not for changes in temperature.


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