Make Up Monday 1/26

Ok, so there are times that I try make up and I HATE IT at first. After a while, and out of desperation and poverty, I try it again and I turn out to LOVE IT. On such example is the POP Color Peak Performance Brilliant Mascara.


I had bought this while I was in New York and curiously intrigued by the bounty of Duane Reads and their selection. I was in love with unique applicator and twist up formula of the mascara. Mascara tends to go bad due to exposure to oxygen and the air that comes in when you pump the brush. WELL, if its a twist up, it doesn’t quite go bad as quickly. I love a beauty product with a long shelf life.

I used to very recently and was SO PLEASED that it lasted the whole day without smearing. Like for real. I am used to having disgusting raccoon-panda eyes by the end of the day with my mascara. This, when lightly applied, STAYED PUT THE WHOLE DAY.

Since I already have black lashes, I just need a very light coating on the lashes to thicken them up. You just have to be very careful when you apply it. Just one click- TWO CLICKS MAX- is enough for one eye. Keep a lash comb at the ready to brush off any excess goop. At the end, it takes some learning, but it is SO WORTH IT.




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