Sunday Smiles 1/25

Ok I’ve been wanting to do Sunday Smiles for A WHILE. Like, Daily Dose is supposed to be my favorite things that I have come across in my week. Sunday Smiles is kind of stuff that have been going around the internet that I have been obsessed with during the week. OH AND THIS WEEK IS GOOD.

Reddit user live-blogs his cheating wife and the whole ordeal that ensued. YOU GUYS this is like the best thing I have ever read. I don’t even care of it is fake, the saga itself is just amazing. The user unfortunately has taken it down due to some legal issues, but you can read the screen shot of the part 3 of the story here. Parts 1 and 2 were just about how he came to the conclusion that his wife was cheating and the accounts he was getting from the private investigator. Part 3 is here it gets juicy.

Seahawks-Packers Game I was a little sad that I had missed the beginning of this game last week. I am indeed a Seahawks fan, as a buddy from college is on the team (can you guess who??). I was really sad that the Packers were giving them a run for their money, but I sure am happy with the last few minutes of the game!

Netflix Struggles Always neatly put together by Buzzfeed although I do think Netflix doubling as a dating app would help the majority of people I know.



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