Baby Shower Favors

It’s that time. My friends are starting to have kids on purpose. While you think throwing bridal showers and bachelorette parties are stressful, baby showers are a whole other thing. Apparently it’s a thing now to have very lavish baby showers. Thanks, Kim and Kourtney Kardashian.

Pro Tip: Throw a shower jointly with friends and divide the responsibilities. While you may not agree on everything, at least you don’t have to do everything yourself. My responsibility was to make some party favors. After throwing a bridal shower, I quickly learned that it’s important not to waste your time and money on something that people will just toss right away. Edible and practical favors fo’ sho’.


I may or may not have went HAM at Bath and Body Works with the hand sanitizer (at $1 a piece). People use hand sanitizer. And if they don’t, they don’t have a place in my life (nasty). Pro Tip: use a coupon at BBW. I’m all about the coupons.



We are attaching little labels to each bottle with a pun. We had gotten Sweet Pea-scented hand sanitizer, so the label reads “Thanks for honoring our Mommy-to-be and her little Sweet Pea.” We used this template from Occasionally Crafty. Since we don’t have a color printer, just a laser one, we decided to turn it into a gold foil print. Save the template as a JPG and darken the image in PicMonkey so the gold can stick. Trust me.



Now comes the hard part….cutting each circle out. But look how pretty and fancy it is when it’s gold! A quick warm up with a glue gun get’s all the tags on their nice and tight and you’re done with the favors!



Now everyone else is stressing about the rest of the party and I’ll be snacking on some cheese and other brunch-type items. Pro Tip: always volunteer for the favors.


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