If you guys are following me on instagram, you may have been seeing my instagrams at ungodly hours of a snowy road or of my sweaty head wearing some Beats by Dre. It’s part of my #gymstagram.  Although I am not showing off my toned rear or my awesome triceps, it’s a way of making me accountable of my 100 day challenge.


100 days? Yeah, crazy, I know.  Whilst scrollingBuzzfeed, I saw a story and transformation of a girl who went to the gym 100 days in a row.  She looks great and her confidence level appears to be through the roof.  Now, all body types are different, so I am not expecting to drop 10 lbs overnight. I also probably am not pushing myself as hard as she is.  An hour on the elliptical is not a life changer, people. It is, however, more than nothing at all–which is the way I had been living my life for about a year and a half. 20150116-063357.jpgMy boyfriend and I also had a Come-to-Jesus talk about being better about the gym and our eating habits.  Before you start boyfriend-hating, he was not addressing my physical changes, he was addressing my emotional changes.  Everyday I was making comments about how I look, how sad I am that my pants don’t fit, how I’m upset I don’t fit into my nicer clothes anymore.  He noticed that my mood and my confidence were at an all time low.  And he’s right.  It is inversely correlated with the fact that my scale is at an all-time high.



So for the next few months, expect a blurry picture of myself at the gym with some headphones on, just sweating away.  Also, 100 days from my start date of January 5, is April 15. WOOF.


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