Make Up Monday: 1/12

A year and a half after the whole Lilly Pulitzer for Estee Lauder collection, I am still going through all of my spoils of war. Now, call me neurotic and OCD, but I have this thing about only using one makeup item at a time (with the exception of eye shadows, lipstick, and foundation).  I can only have one minor item open at a time.  Like, only one tube of mascara, only one eyeliner, etc.

Another minor item I can only have one of is eyeshadow primer.  I have currently been loving the Estee Lauder eyeshadow primer.  Unlike the Urban Decay or ELF primers, this one comes in a little pot and I dab it on with my fingers.  For my oily eyelids, I just need a smidge more sticking power in my shadow game.  If I am not having a particularly stressful day, it holds pretty well.  I guess I could try lathering it on pretty thick to see if that helps or becomes cakey, but we’ll find out.  For now, it gets the job done, but if I am going to pay the price for it, it better do more work than the $1 ELF primer. Just saying.


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