My cousin made this big deal about how you shouldn’t have resolutions, you should have “goals.” Goals Schmoals. I still call them resolutions. Here are the ridiculous things I am convincing grown-up Kathy to do:


1) Make my bed: because I am a toddler and I need to be told to do this. Also it just makes my room look cleaner during the day

2)Blog regularly: because I need to and I am sure yall are super interested in what I occupy my time with when I’m not working or sleeping (hint: its mostly binging on netflix or transporting myself to aforementioned activities)

3) Wear makeup every day: Is this a confidence or beauty thing? Nope. It is a hoarder thing and I am trying to get rid of all the makeup I have hoarded. In order to get rid of stuff, you have to use it. So…yeah.

4) Stop Shopping: because I am poor and I no longer have these baller pharmacist pay checks anymore. Real Talk.

5) Set outfit for next day: BECAUSE I LIKE TO SLEEP IN THE MORNING

6) Stick to a budget: again, because I am poor, I owe student loans, and I need to not eat out so much for dinner.

Oh sorry guys, these are my “goals”. JK they are my rather reasonable and attainable resolutions. TAKE THAT


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