Make Up Monday: 1/5

Oh haaaaaay. I went on another hiatus because…well. Laziness. That’s about it. The holidays were super stressful and I was busy busy working overtime, like 11 hours every day, and had no energy to blog thereafter. Aaaaanyways….

I joined the cult. I actually have been lusting over the NAKED2 palette for years. I had bought it for my cousin for her birthday a year or two ago, and subsequently hijacked it from her during our NYC trip. I just absolutely love the pigmentation and the assortment of colors.  I am not a fan of the first or third palettes, as I am a super taupe fan, and not so much a fan of rose gold.

Welp, during the Sephora sale before Christmas, I scooped up a palette for 20% off and it is well worth it. I even love the brush that comes with it! I may start to side with one of the Naked Basics palettes in the new future (I saw it at Costco!) as I am more of a fan of matte colors rather than super glittery or sheeny eyeshadows.


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