Make Up Monday: 12/15

Boo on being sick today.  I tend to have these terrible eyelid spasms, and if they are bad enough, I am not able to keep my eyes open–therefore not able to drive.  I guess a little bit of a rest day is needed after weekend craziness.  I plan on getting my Christmas wrapping done, as well as other to-dos.

Onto regularly scheduled programming, today’s MUM item is the ELF Studio High Definition Undereye Setting Powder. After I put on my foundation and under-eye concealer, I like to set it with this powder with their pointed foundation brush.

After using it, I can definitely tell there is less creasing, and some highlighting.  Yes! It kinda doubles as a highlight due to some very subtle sparkles in the powder.  I thought I would get pretty annoyed with the presence of sparkles (matte fo life), but it is hardly noticeable and it adds just a touch of illumination.

Lucky us, all ELF products are 40% off, if you haven’t found something for your make up lover yet!



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