Make Up Monday: 12/15

Boo on being sick today.  I tend to have these terrible eyelid spasms, and if they are bad enough, I am not able to keep my eyes open–therefore not able to drive.  I guess a little bit of a rest day is needed after weekend craziness.  I plan on getting my Christmas wrapping done, as well as other to-dos.

Onto regularly scheduled programming, today’s MUM item is the ELF Studio High Definition Undereye Setting Powder. After I put on my foundation and under-eye concealer, I like to set it with this powder with their pointed foundation brush.

After using it, I can definitely tell there is less creasing, and some highlighting.  Yes! It kinda doubles as a highlight due to some very subtle sparkles in the powder.  I thought I would get pretty annoyed with the presence of sparkles (matte fo life), but it is hardly noticeable and it adds just a touch of illumination.

Lucky us, all ELF products are 40% off, if you haven’t found something for your make up lover yet!



Daily Dose 12/12

I’m doing my best to get back on track with the blog.  You think with a regular work schedule, I would be more inclined to blog regularly. Wrong, I guess with long days, and whole days off, I had more time to spew my nonsense. Oh Whale…. here are some highlights from this past week:



When you and your bestie show up to dinner and wear the same plaid blanket scarf like a pair of basic bitches #meanttobe



Our mailman hates us. Everything we ordered weren’t even for gifts, they were for us!



Decked the halls, and my boyfriend started a fire.  It was the best thing to come home to after a long and cold day.



A typical day at work–Sudoku and Marc Jacobs nail lacquer (amazing by the way)



Itty Bitty Baby Uggs–I can’t even!

Have a great weekend!

Thanksgiving Snaps

Oh hey, late bird that I am. Two weeks later, I just wanted share some of my favorite Thanksgiving snaps.  Work is at full force trying to close out all the Medicare Part D plans, so we are working super overtime.

My family isn’t so much into table scapes (we’re not Sandra Lee), as we are into the actual food.



Mini apple and pecan pies–instructions to come soon!



Annual tradition of pumpkin flavored rolls



My plate was full and amazing. The menu consisted of Turkey(duh), honey baked ham, crock-pot redskin mashed potatoes, sweet potato casserole, corn, honey glazed carrots, apple-cranberry stuffing, pastry-prusciutto-wrapped asparagus, and our mini pies



For leftovers, I tossed the passed potatoes into the waffle iron. It didnt work out as I had planned, but it was tasty!

Make Up Monday: 12/8

Oh HAY guys! The blog was on a mini-hiatus post-birthday and pre-Thanksgiving and post-Thanksgiving for obvious reasons.  Too much excitement.  Growing up, I know that most things start to go downhill once my birthday hits, as it is a slippery slope into Christmas and the New Year.

At the beginning of November, Sephora had a 20% off special for almost a week, so I took full advantage of it and broke my spending freeze.  I am pretty sure these sales are for Christmas, but I am also 100% sure everything I bought was for myself.  Naturally, I buy everything in waves: Impulse buys, online buys for online-only items, and things I actually need.  That’s why I have two photos.  I will also include my first impressions.


1) Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette-definitely lives up to the hype, beautiful colors for a nice natural look.  I like that it is taupe-based.  I am not a fan of Naked 3, as it is rose-gold-based and I do not like rose gold.

2) Benefit Erase Paste- have not tried yet, but has been talked about a lot 

3) Bite Lipstick Duo x 2-I haven’t tried these two particular ones yet, but I have other colors, and I am hands-down a Bite Lip fan!

4) Anastasia Brow Wiz- also lives up to the hype.  Have someone match a color for you.  If I hadn’t asked, I may have ended up in a lot of awkward trouble!

5) Boscia Konjac Sponge with Complexion Clearing Clay-This is so weird! It looks like it’s going to be something super rough on your skin, but when you wet it, it becomes very soft.  Even when you wash your face with it, it will still exfoliate! I use this on the weekends.

6) Julep Plie Wand + Julep nail lacquer-the extended (and bendy) wand rests on your hand and offers extra stability.  Extra stability to paint with your non-dominant hand! I have been pretty good with painting with my non-dominant hand, so I haven’t quite noticed a difference.  Will have to keep playing with it.

7) Too Faced Melted Liquid Lipstick: I LOVE THIS. It is so highly pigmented, the color stays, and is not drying. I love it more and more each time I wear it.

BONUS: Make Up For Ever birthday gift. VIB Rouge members get a lipstick.



8) Josie Maran 500-point bonus-because I could. I am excited to try the lip gelee, and my skin has gotten dry, so that oil will come in handy.

9) Dolce and Gabbana Pour Homme Cologne- boyfriend’s christmas present. He’s into that stuff. Like, disturbingly so.

10) Urban Decay 500-point bonus-also because I could.  It is a beautiful palette, and after trying the Naked 2, I know it is a great quality shadow set.

11) Dry Bar dry shampoo mini- Very nice finish, but I definitely need one for brunettes.  I got super white powdery hair.

12) Deborah Lippmann The Cure cuticle cream- THE GREATEST THING I HAVE EVER GOTTEN FROM SEPHORA. Definitely a hand-saver.

13) First Aid Beauty moisturizer and lip rescue-have not tried yet

14) Beauty Blender mini blenders-a little unnecessary since the original beauty blender does have a pointy side. Too small to handle like an adult.

15) Foreo Luna Mini-Definitely a different experience.  I had originally considered a Clarisonic for myself, but this kinda lured me in with its lack of changing brush heads.  It shakes to cleanse.  I am convinced it shakes the black heads and oil out of your face.

16) Marc Jacobs Nail Lacquer-have not tried yet, but dying to!

17) Julep Plie Wand extenders-I heard that the Plie Wand brushes will fit with Essie and DL polishes, so got some extras so I can use the Plie Wand with my favorite polishes.

18) Beauty Blender BFF-ALWAYS get beauty blenders when there is a sale.

Many Many Full Reviews to come. –I don’t know why I capitalized all that, but I’m just gonna go with it.