DIY Tray

One thing I learned from my purge and my spending freeze is that I do not need more things. Things, schmings, amirite? Well, instead of buying things I don’t need, I just find things in my house that I no longer want (but are similar to what I want) and just change it into something I do want.



Take this tray for example.  I am pretty sure it had just been sitting in our linen closet for years, unwanted and lonely.  I had been searching for a gold tray for my office, but instead of dropping $20+ for a tray that is just decor, I got a $3 spray paint bottle and just went to town on it. No one is going to miss it.



After spray painting my tray with a gold metallic finish, I began searching for LOTS of things I wanted to spray gold–boxes, staplers, tape dispensers.  Unstoppable. So basically, $3 for all brand new stuff for my office, but isn’t really that new.


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