Happy Birthday to Me

It’s strange to think that another birthday is going by.  I feel like the older you get, the faster time goes.  It’s so not cool when I spend so much money on beauty products used to slow down time. 27 isn’t exactly an exciting birthday, but people love asking me what I want, and I love telling them.


1) THIS BAG!!!!! I am in love with it and various stores have had little deals on it, but the color I want is not available anywhere. And if I’m going to spend $500 on it, it had better be in a color that I want.

2) Beats by Dre because I am cool and trendy.  I’m actually pretty excited there’s going to be so many good Black Friday deals on it.

3) Naked Vault has all of the best products from the Urban Decay Naked collection. Seriously, love.

4) Monogram everything, especially if it is as obnoxious as this sweatshirt. I must have it.

5) Chanel Chance smells lovely and I actually matched it on the Sephora Fragrance ID thing, so I obviously must have it.

6) Taylor Swift’s 1989 is basically the best thing right now, right? So obviously it’s on my list.  Actually I might download it right after I’m done with this post.


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