Helping Hands

Something we always forget about the Holidays is the importance of giving.  While the rest of the world is worried about getting the best Black Friday deals, I think it is important to take some time to think about the families that are really struggling out there.

One of the most emotionally taxing experiences I had during Pharmacy School was my rotation in the PICU and NICU.  There are babies who have never seen the outside of the hospital.  Unfortunately, there are babies who will not have the opportunity to go home.  My friend recently posted a link to a wonderful charity that I plan on giving to this holiday season with your help.

Helping Hands Angel Gowns is an organization that makes beautiful gowns for babies in the NICU in hospitals across the country.  It’s hard to think, during a time where we celebrate families, of young parents who will not have the opportunity to bring their child home.

Starting November 20 (my birthday!) all proceeds from the Nativity prints in my Etsy shop will go towards Helping Hands Angel Gowns.  The print is not yet posted in the shop, but here is a preview:


The Holy Family once struggled to stay alive, and it is not only a symbol of the season, but also a reminder that no matter how graced we are, all families struggle in one way or another.  If you are blessed this holiday season, take the time to help a family who may not be so lucky.


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