Advocare Update

Over the summer, I discovered Advocare and struggled a little bit during my first 24-day challenge. I lost weight really quickly, but plateaued thereafter.  I did end up gaining weight long after my challenge, but it was due to some work stress and just over-indulging.  When visiting some of my school friends a few weekends ago, I just felt disgusted with myself.  I had gotten so much bigger since graduation, and they remained their slim selves, if not smaller.

It wasn’t quite a jealousy issue, but it was just a realization that I had no self control.  My excuse over the past few months was that I was so busy, had such a crazy life, that no one who was close to me understood.  But my school friends had the same job I did, if not crazier.  Definitely no excuses now.

With my second round of the Advocare 24-day challenge, I was able to be more motivated and exert more self control.  I was excited about the foods I was going to eat, rather than dreading it. I changed up some of the flavors of the supplements that made it so much more manageable.  I am currently on Day 10 of my 24 day challenge and have two more weeks to go.  Luckily, it ends on Thanksgiving.  Unluckily, it also includes my birthday (bye bye cake and free Starbucks)



Chicken and brussel sprouts for dinner



Leftovers + Quinoa for lunch (complex carbs are ok for lunch)



Breakfast allows complex carb, protein, and fruit



A yummy snack of roasted chickpeas and berries


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