Sunday Smiles 11/9

Every week I find some amazing articles and YouTube videos that I always want to share. To round them up each week, I will start having Sunday Smiles, which will be just a few of my favorite things on the internet that made me smile (or laugh uncontrollably).

Watch Harry Potter become a man

This one has practically gone viral.  My friend had shared this on Facebook and I was cracking up in the middle of Panera while waiting to pick up dinner. He has other videos, but nothing is as hilarious as this one. In. Tears.

Warning: Contains Foul Language Also kept me in tears all day. I remember my days in college with the College Game Day crew would come into town for a big game.  The funny thing about this video is that WVU wasn’t even playing Pitt that day, and they will not be playing Pitt in quite a few years.  But oh, is the hatred still real.

A list of stores that promised to give their employees Thanksgiving Day off. As someone who has had to work Thanksgiving Day, this is incredibly refreshing.  Nothing is worse than having to work a major holiday and having every single person say “Oh, it’s such a shame you have to work on Thanksgiving.” My immediate response: OH REALLY? WHY ARE YOU HERE THEN?


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