Monogram of the Month: November

While the monogram of the month is supposed to fall on the first Saturday of each month, my re-blogging didn’t start until this past Monday, so all of this month’s Saturday posts will be pushed back one week.  Luckily, there are five Saturdays this month, so everything should be back to normal in December. 20141025-125446.jpg


This month’s monogram is my monogrammed scarf.  I did purchase this from Marley Lilly about two years ago and I always get compliments on it.  It’s such a simple scarf and the monogram just adds a little bit of personalization. While everyone is concerned about the blanket scarf this season, this scarf is a little bit less hot.  Trust me, I have sweated through my blanket scarf and it is not cute.

I had bought a ton of these scarves for my littles and grand littles (and great grand-littles).  The colors I have above is the color of my sorority, but now I kinda want one in Virginia Tech colors.  I love that there are a ton of scarf colors and even more thread colors.  If you don’t like to have such a blatant monogram, I highly recommend getting a thread color in the same color as the scarf, like a monogram shadow.


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