Daily Dose 11/7

In continuation of discovering what my blog means to me, the Friday Daily Dose post is supposed to highlight my favorite moments of the past week (previous Friday afternoon until Thursday night-ish).  I always aimed for about five photos (yay iPhone), but I realized there were less and less moments that I had to choose from.  My previous job definitely did not provide any happy moments and my current job slowed me down tremendously on the photo-snapping.

A lot of my happy moments revolved around food, which wasn’t so great either. Now there is nothing wrong with the foodie picture, but when every. single. one. of my Daily Dose pictures was of food. My waistline surely reflected that and I was not happy.  I am trying to let the happiness flow freely and not try to force this perfect-blog-lifestyle that I have tried so hard to show.



First game back in Blacksburg!



The most basic picture I could ever take: Red Cup (not too early for Peppermint Mocha, right?) and my blanket scarf.



Sephora VIB sale!!! So many reviews to come.



My high school has its own Tervis, like I am so excited I can’t even.

Have a great weekend!


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