Tailgate Buffalo Chicken Dip

I am still reveling in the glory that was a pharmacy-friends reunion this past weekend. Although the game did not have a good outcome, I loved being able to see these fools again.  With any football game comes a tailgate.  With any tailgate comes dip. When you say dip, someone somewhere is making Buffalo Chicken Dip.

I never really heard of it until I got to pharmacy school and EVERYONE made buffalo chicken dip.  When I stayed over at my friend’s house the night before the game, we decided to make a load of food to feed everyone at the tailgate. We used this recipe for BCD and it was probably one of the easiest dips I have ever made.  No bake time. Immediate consumption allowed.



Tailgate tip: make all the dips in one of these foil pans so you can throw it on the grill and re-heat or keep warm.


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