Make Up Monday: 11/3

Oh hey guys, remember me? Yeah, so I haven’t been blogging in about a month since I got thrown into a huge project at work and everything else in my life just had to get put on hold. Who am I? Apparently it something that happens with people with real jobs, and something I have yet to get used to.  More on my life lately tomorrow, but we are hopefully back to regularly scheduled blogging.

When I first started out working, I was having trouble of my foundation not staying in place.  I also fell into a bit of money aka my first working pay check, and wanted to get some actual consultation, rather than just finding some random foundation in a random color that slightly resembled my skin tone.  Some time early last year, I had a studio consultation with a Sephora make up artist.  While she was not the friendliest person (come on, you work at Sephora), I got a lot of good tips, recommendations, and match for my skin tone.

The Lancome Teint Idole Ultra 24H foundation was something she said I needed if I wanted my make up to last throughout the day.  Although job circumstances have changed since then, I still need the lasting coverage.  It’s a bit on the pricy side so I try to avoid using it if I can. But when I do, it’s long-lasting and covers well.


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