DIY Tray

One thing I learned from my purge and my spending freeze is that I do not need more things. Things, schmings, amirite? Well, instead of buying things I don’t need, I just find things in my house that I no longer want (but are similar to what I want) and just change it into something I do want.



Take this tray for example.  I am pretty sure it had just been sitting in our linen closet for years, unwanted and lonely.  I had been searching for a gold tray for my office, but instead of dropping $20+ for a tray that is just decor, I got a $3 spray paint bottle and just went to town on it. No one is going to miss it.



After spray painting my tray with a gold metallic finish, I began searching for LOTS of things I wanted to spray gold–boxes, staplers, tape dispensers.  Unstoppable. So basically, $3 for all brand new stuff for my office, but isn’t really that new.


Make Up Monday 11/24

I have been sitting on this little gem for a month or two. Actually, I had it for almost a year but didn’t start using it until a month ago.

The Marc Jacobs foundation is a gel formula, which is great for my oily skin.  It is very pigmented and it provides a medium to full coverage.  I got matched with my Sephora Skin ID, so the color was perfect.

I use a beauty blender to apply it, and I don’t experience a lot of product loss with it, so it is a plus.  I haven’t used a brush yet, but I may try it in the near future.  I wish the price wasn’t so hard on the wallet, otherwise it would definitely be a re-purchase.

Daily Dose 11/21

I love birthday week! Tomorrow, my boyfriend and I are going to Baltimore to go to the Aquarium. It’s something we have talked about since we started dating and we finally get to go! Here are some highlights from the best week of the year:



Finally putting my new Kate Spade wallet to use (The outlet store is the best!)



OPI now has a non-UV gel system and it is FABULOUS



I’m on a sugar detox, but man a snowman cookie is nice on my birthday



Home-made ramen YUM

Have a nice weekend!

Happy Birthday to Me

It’s strange to think that another birthday is going by.  I feel like the older you get, the faster time goes.  It’s so not cool when I spend so much money on beauty products used to slow down time. 27 isn’t exactly an exciting birthday, but people love asking me what I want, and I love telling them.


1) THIS BAG!!!!! I am in love with it and various stores have had little deals on it, but the color I want is not available anywhere. And if I’m going to spend $500 on it, it had better be in a color that I want.

2) Beats by Dre because I am cool and trendy.  I’m actually pretty excited there’s going to be so many good Black Friday deals on it.

3) Naked Vault has all of the best products from the Urban Decay Naked collection. Seriously, love.

4) Monogram everything, especially if it is as obnoxious as this sweatshirt. I must have it.

5) Chanel Chance smells lovely and I actually matched it on the Sephora Fragrance ID thing, so I obviously must have it.

6) Taylor Swift’s 1989 is basically the best thing right now, right? So obviously it’s on my list.  Actually I might download it right after I’m done with this post.

What I Wore Wednesday

I think the best part of my new job is casual Friday.  Like, I am irrationally super excited every friday that I get to wear jeans to work.  Because ya know what? At the end of the week, I’ve worn all my good clothes and I have nothing left to wear.  I certainly don’t have clean pants. Wearing jeans to work is the best, and the coordinating tops that may or may not be so professional. 20141121-070216.jpg


Bumming out on a Friday may also mean wearing my glasses because I have not the patients to deal with putting in contacts or putting on make up.  Jeans to work also means keeping warm with Uggs.  Not even sorry about it.



Helping Hands

Something we always forget about the Holidays is the importance of giving.  While the rest of the world is worried about getting the best Black Friday deals, I think it is important to take some time to think about the families that are really struggling out there.

One of the most emotionally taxing experiences I had during Pharmacy School was my rotation in the PICU and NICU.  There are babies who have never seen the outside of the hospital.  Unfortunately, there are babies who will not have the opportunity to go home.  My friend recently posted a link to a wonderful charity that I plan on giving to this holiday season with your help.

Helping Hands Angel Gowns is an organization that makes beautiful gowns for babies in the NICU in hospitals across the country.  It’s hard to think, during a time where we celebrate families, of young parents who will not have the opportunity to bring their child home.

Starting November 20 (my birthday!) all proceeds from the Nativity prints in my Etsy shop will go towards Helping Hands Angel Gowns.  The print is not yet posted in the shop, but here is a preview:


The Holy Family once struggled to stay alive, and it is not only a symbol of the season, but also a reminder that no matter how graced we are, all families struggle in one way or another.  If you are blessed this holiday season, take the time to help a family who may not be so lucky.

Make Up Monday: 11/17

Haaaaay it’s birthday week!  I am off to play sorority police again this morning, so I have a lot packed into my week.  One of my recent loves has been bite cosmetics.  I love their cream lipstick, so imagine my delight when I received a special edition lip gloss in my Pop Sugar box (RIP) a few months ago.



Bite always has amazing color pay off and an excellent formula.  This hot pink shade is just enough to be fun, but the formula prevents it from becoming a disaster post-meal. Love love love everything about it.


Color of the Month: November

During the last two years, I had a serious struggle with finding the perfect Oxblood nail polish (except for OPI’s Skyfall).  Everything I found was too glitterally, too shimmery, too dark, too light.  Serious goldilocks issues. Then I got a Julep Nail Polish in my Popsugar box a few months ago–everything changed.


Nailed it. Nothing else needs to be said.

Daily Dose 11/14

Weeks seem to fly by when you don’t have to dread working the weekends. Still adjusting to this magical land of normal jobs. Here are some favorite moments of the week:



Found the very elusive ground bison at a Costco that I never go to.



Adding a summer party stack on a very cold day



I really let out my inner basic bitch. It was magnificent.



When this cleanse is over, this chocolate turkey needs to get in my belly.

Have a great weekend!

Advocare Update

Over the summer, I discovered Advocare and struggled a little bit during my first 24-day challenge. I lost weight really quickly, but plateaued thereafter.  I did end up gaining weight long after my challenge, but it was due to some work stress and just over-indulging.  When visiting some of my school friends a few weekends ago, I just felt disgusted with myself.  I had gotten so much bigger since graduation, and they remained their slim selves, if not smaller.

It wasn’t quite a jealousy issue, but it was just a realization that I had no self control.  My excuse over the past few months was that I was so busy, had such a crazy life, that no one who was close to me understood.  But my school friends had the same job I did, if not crazier.  Definitely no excuses now.

With my second round of the Advocare 24-day challenge, I was able to be more motivated and exert more self control.  I was excited about the foods I was going to eat, rather than dreading it. I changed up some of the flavors of the supplements that made it so much more manageable.  I am currently on Day 10 of my 24 day challenge and have two more weeks to go.  Luckily, it ends on Thanksgiving.  Unluckily, it also includes my birthday (bye bye cake and free Starbucks)



Chicken and brussel sprouts for dinner



Leftovers + Quinoa for lunch (complex carbs are ok for lunch)



Breakfast allows complex carb, protein, and fruit



A yummy snack of roasted chickpeas and berries