Book of the Month: Saturday

I usually have a list of books that I wish to read from, but such is life that I get distracted and deviate from my plans.  What else is new? Upon reading up on the Ohio State game a few weeks ago, I came across an article about my boo, Frank Beamer.

The author of the article co-wrote Frank’s autobiography.  Wait, Frank Beamer has an autobiography??? Yup, you can see where I am going here.  I dropped everything, downloaded Let Me Be Frank and just spent the next few days reading about Frank. 

To someone who is not a Virginia Tech fan, it may be the most boring book in the world.  For members of the Hokie Nation cult (cue Metallica’s Enter Sandman), it is the best book every.  Whilst reading it, I definitely realized that all the Virginia Tech urban legends were not only TRUE, but were also apart of Frank Beamer’s life.  Oh, hallway slip and slide? FRANK BEAMERS ROOMMATE.

That’s really all I have to say.  I love Beamer, even if our team isn’t doing quite as great as we had hoped.  I mean, we beat Ohio State, and that’s all that matters.


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