GameDay Feast

I will not speak of the atrocities that was a loss to a school that no one takes seriously.  I will however bow down to the glory that was a game day breakfast and lunch. 20141003-051419.jpg


We started the day off with a surprise breakfast.  I got all the great fixings for what my boyfriend calls a country breakfast (look at me, a country girl yet), but I am pretty sure this is a standard breakfast.  With some short cuts like Bisquick Shake and Pour, and some Grands Biscuits, it was really easy to make this breakfast.

My lunch was much better than my breakfast, if you can believe it.  I love football season because it means I can build the best loaded hotdog this side of the Mississippi.



A steamed bun with slices of swiss cheese



We used our Cuisinart Griddler to grill the hotdogs, since I like a nice char on my dogs.  Boyfriend likes to microwave it…



Call me a blasphemer all you want, but I like an even distribution of ketchup and mustard



Chili and Cole Slaw. I need not say more.

What are your favorite game day eats?


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