Make Up Monday: 9/15

I love trying new make up and especially new foundation.  Fear not, this was purchased well before my spending freeze was instated.  I especially love kitschy novelty products, so I am a sucker for anything unique.




I discovered the Too Faced Air-brushed BB cream when I did my skinID at Sephora.  It’s a little camera that takes a picture of your skin tone at three different points and matches exactly which foundation and which shade is best for you.



It comes in a little petri-dish looking contraption and is filled with a light foundation cream.  It reminds me of Estee Lauder’s Double Wear compact foundation and ELF’s HD pressed foundation. I really like both of those, so trying this one out was no biggie.



So it says “air-brushed” right? It comes with this little buffing brush, but I find it a little small.  I prefer to use my Cargo Magic Brush, which is basically a larger version of this brush.  What the standard brush is good for is getting into the crevices by my nose and right under the eye.

The packaging claims it is a full coverage foundation, but it’s slightly less than that. I love a nice full coverage, and it didn’t live up to snuff.  For medium coverage, however, it’s pretty nice.


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