Make Up Monday: 9/8

Call me crazy, but I was just never a mascara person. I know a ton of people are obsessed with mascara and use like 4 different kinds a week, but I figured that I already have black lashes, soooo what good is mascara going to do?

I had been sitting on a sample of the Benefit They’re Real mascara for so long–actually, I had a ton of samples from Benefit gifts and Sephora bonuses.  Again, I turn to the YouTube world of make up and always heard people obsessing over They’re Real. 20140922-191112.jpg


My past experience of mascara has gone like this:

1) Too heavy and thick so they weigh down my eyelashes, completely negating the fact that I curled them.

2) Smudge smudge smudge I have raccoon eyes and no one at work bothers to tell me.

3) Tarantula lashes that physically block my line of vision. How does that even happen?

None of those things happen to me when I use They’re real.  Not even the smudging.  It’s a freakin miracle if something black on my face doesn’t smudge.  This may be a staple in my make up collection.


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