Chicken Week: Fried Rice

When I told my boyfriend I was making fried rice, he laughed a little.  Ok, a lot.  Because I don’t really cook that often and when I do, it’s something incredibly stereotypical.  Asian problems.



I’m adding a ringer into this dish to make it like a real fried rice dish.  I used Chinese sausages, which are incredible when they are sliced and pan-fried. My mom usually buys these at asian supermarkets, but we actually got these at Costco.



When the sausages are done cooking, I heated up the frozen vegetables.  I like to use the peas and carrots mix.  The other vegetables are a little bulky and tend to get in the way.



While that was all going on, I was cooking up some rice in our rice cooker.  In an effort to be more health conscious, we used brown rice while I normally prefer white rice.  Just kidding, it was only because that was the only rice we had.



When the rice is done cooking, i throw it into a big pan.  It’s a wok-looking pan, but it’s not quite a wok.  I really don’t know how to describe it.



My favorite part of cooking fried rice is flash cooking eggs over it.  I used 3 eggs for 3 cups of dried rice.  It’s a pretty healthy ratio, but I think my boyfriend preferred more.



When the egg has cooked and coated the rice nicely, I throw in the sausage and vegetables.



Can’t forget the chicken! That’s the point of making the rice, amirate?


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