Chicken Week: Pasta

With the spending freeze in full swing, it’s hitting us at dinner time too.  While we’re cooking more at home instead of going out for dinner, finding something different to cook for dinner every night is pretty costly too.  This week, we are cutting costs with using the same thing for dinner and cooking it different ways.  The easiest thing to cook differently is chicken, so this week I am showing three different types of chicken dinners (winner winner…)



We cooked some chicken breast on our cast iron pans and cooked it in the oven.  We used a butter glaze on the pan and it adds a simple flavor.



After it’s all cooked, chopping the chicken breast into cubes makes it really easy to add the chicken to really quick meals.

Tonight’s meal is going to be Chicken Alfredo.  All you need is some pasta, alfredo sauce, and some of your favorite vegetables.  The additions should not cost you more than $10.



Sauteed mushrooms are probably our favorite.



We had some special pasta we had gotten from the farmers market that we were itching to use.  We mixed together the porcini mushroom pasta with the garlic spinach pasta.





We heated up the sauce in the pan  and threw in the chicken to get a nice coating.  The mushrooms are somewhere in there, promise.



We added the pasta right on time and mixed it well for a nice coating as well.




This made a huge portion, so not only did we have extra for lunch the next day, we had one more serving for the end of the week! Come back tomorrow for our chicken fried rice!


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